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Case studies of energy issues solved by South Seeds

Posted on 24/2/2021
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South Seeds has two part-time energy officers who cover the week. Jola and Paul are both experienced energy officers and have been supporting residents solve energy issues in their home, since the beginning of the pandemic.

Jola and Paul have been solving all sorts of cases. All cases start with a phone call and may develop via WhatsApp or email, if pictures or written information needs to be shared.

Many cases involve erroneous billing, that’s when the energy provider has got the bill wrong. Other cases include prepayment meters, lost electricity keys and gas cards, fuel debt, complaints, heating controls, home energy efficiency advice and more.

Most cases are resolved quickly. We have written up two of our more complicated cases, to show how some cases develop over time. If you would like to read them, you can download them here.

If you have an energy issue at home and would like to speak to Jola or Paul, call our office 0141 636 3959 and press 1. You will be put through the energy officer working that day.