Growing a Greener Glasgow

News and Events

At South Seeds we have a lot going on – from exciting events to engage the community, new developments within our organisation and good old fashioned hard work to get the gardens growing well. Keep up to date by visiting this page for our latest news, events and opportunities.

Sessional energy auditers wanted

We are looking for Southsiders with an understanding of energy use in the home.

How to install underfloor insulation in Victorian tenements

We have made a film which shows you how.

Sharing our experience

We get a visit about once a week from another project tackling climate change. Here is the story of one of them.

Developing a new site from scratch

We have recently been given written permission to create a new community garden along Queen’s Drive Lane which you can access from Langside Road in the Queen’s Park area. Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking with local residents about the potential of the site. On Sunday the 16th of February we organised […]

Developing energy-efficiency solutions with Glasgow City Council

South Seeds showed staff at Glasgow City Council, with a remit for planning, a pilot install of affordable secondary glazing in a listed property in the Southside of Glasgow.

Top tips for saving electricty and money

Residents who saved money when they used one of our electricity monitors, have shared their top tips.

Energy-saving kit

Can you spot the chimney balloon, LED light bulb, energy monitor, draught proofing strips, door brushes and letterbox cover?

Merry Christmas from South Seeds

We will be back in business on 6th of January. Get in contact then to book your free home energy audit.