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Crochet patterns to decorate Queen’s Park Station

Posted on 14/8/2019
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All southsiders are welcome to participate in our project to brighten up Queen’s Park Station with knitted and crocheted creations.

You can drop in to our office (9.30 to 4.30 weekdays) and pick up wool – we have created smaller balls of some colours because we know you don’t need huge amounts of every colour.

Have a look at the patterns below, the files are pdfs so you canĀ  download them…

Bike wheels

Large leaf and double daisy

Field poppy and poinsettia

Lazy daisy

Orange tip butterfly


Viola and cornflower

Drop off your creations to the office and they will form part of the design which is going to be displayed on the fence leading west from Queen’s Park Station platform. This is your chance to be part of a public art project.