Growing a Greener Glasgow

Our People

South Seeds was formed in 2011 by a group of people who all wanted to make a difference to the local community and the wider environment on the Southside of Glasgow. Here is a little information about some of the people who are currently involved. If you would like to take part as well, then please get in touch.

Jola Dolewska

Energy officer (part time)

Jola has worked in Edinburgh and London to support people access social services, most recently as a homelessness prevention practitioner. Jola lives in a southside tenement and works as a visual artist when not an energy officer.

Joe Smith

Sessional community gardener

Joe has spent the majority of his gardening career maintaining Edinburgh’s private parks. He is not only a gardener but a keen handyman too.

Frances Phillips

Sessional community gardener

Frances had an allotment for six years on the southside of Glasgow. She has previously worked at the Play Resource Association delivering creative outreach sessions to children that encouraged re-use and waste reduction.

Amy Braddick


Amy has lived in the Southside for four years and works as the low-carbon project manager for the Scottish Cities Alliance. Amy focuses on projects related to energy efficiency, low-carbon heat and the circular economy. Amy is also an assistant Scout leader.

Jo Hartga

Waste and transport officer

Jo has worked at Changeworks and Ricardo Energy & Environment, so has a depth of experience in the implementation of waste policy. Jo is installing energy-efficiency measures, including wall insulation and secondary glazing, in her Govanhill tenement by hand.

Hannah Smith

Trustee, secretary

Hannah specialises in energy policy with an organisation supporting the development of renewable energy. She is especially interested in how sustainability can promote equality and diversity within communities. Hannah lives in a tenement building on the Southside.

Peter Gustinak


Peter is Slovakian and has lived on the Southside for more than ten years. Peter learned his carpentry skills in Slovakia and has been learning about how to apply those to fixing Victorian tenement flats ever since he arrived in Scotland.

Frankie McCarthy

Trustee, treasurer

Frankie is a qualified Scots lawyer, now working as a legal academic at the University of Glasgow. She researches property law, including community land access and property theories that focus on ownership as a source of community responsibilities. She is a happy Southside tenement resident.

Rebecca De Wald


Rebecca is a word juggler/translator and part-time academic. German by birth, she enjoys the community spirit and enthusiasm her elective home has to offer. Her interests include gardening, sustainable energies, foreign literature and dressmaking.

Simon Morris

Trustee, chair

Simon specialises in energy efficiency and carbon management at Ricardo Energy & Environment. He is passionate about supporting communities, households and businesses to reduce their impact on the environment, and is a keen gardener and beekeeper.

Iain Paterson


Iain has recently moved to Glasgow after working as a busy handyman and gardener in Argyll for many years. Since coming back to Glasgow he has been studying furniture making, while building up a portfolio of  handyman and deliveryman (he has his own van) jobs .

Sam Tongue


Sam is a Southsider of three years’ standing and has been a plotholder at the Urban Croft for two growing seasons. As a lecturer in theology and religious studies at the University of Glasgow, he specialises in eco-critical readings of sacred texts.

Alan Smith

Trustee, staff liaison

Alan is a longstanding Southsider and keen supporter of environmental matters. He is director of operations with SgurrEnergy, a renewable energy engineering consultancy with headquarters in Glasgow which has assessed more than 110GW of renewable energy developments.

Campbell Griffith


Campbell has lived and worked in Glasgow most of his life. Over the years he has owned several tenement flats and has learned his handyman skills by renovating them himself while living in them (not something he recommends).

Lisa Peebles

Operations officer

Lisa has lived on the Southside for more than 20 years. Her experience of community-run organisations includes a community centre, community council and developing a community asset – all on the Southside. She is on the board of the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Casey Dickson

Energy officer

Casey has delivered more than 400 bespoke home energy audits, supported residents to effectively save money on energy bills and has a first-class degree from Strathclyde University.

Lucy Gillie

General manager

Lucy managed the Community Voices Network for the Scottish Government. She has 15 years’ experience working with communities to tackle health, regeneration and environmental issues. Lucy’s previous roles include being local food officer at the Soil Association.