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Basic information about electricity and gas in the home

Posted on 10/1/2019

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These days nearly everyone needs some power in their home whether it is simply an electricity account or both electricity and gas. Basic information, which is not from a commercial supplier trying to get your business, can be hard to find. We have created a handy leaflet with the information you need to successfully manage your household electricity and gas accounts.

At South Seeds we have found once people understand the basics, they are much more likely to become more energy efficient, prevent or manage any fuel debt and find a supplier which suits their needs. This is simply because they feel more confident and positive about their relationship with their energy provider and how they use electricity and/or gas at home.

Those people who rent have limited opportunity to make structural improvements to their homes which could save them money on energy bills, so understanding how the energy is provided and paid for is key to getting the best value and taking back control. We have put together a simple leaflet to enable people to understand how energy is provided and charged for in homes here in Scotland, see Basic information about electricity and gas (English)

On the southside of Glasgow, where South Seeds support residents to reduce energy, many people renting are from overseas. We have a Romanian version of basic information about electricity and gas and a Slovak version of basic information about electricity and gas because we know many Romanian and Slovakian families who rent haven’t been fully informed by their landlords about their responsibilities when using electricity and gas at home.

All three leaflets are also available as paper copies which can be picked up from South Seeds office at the Queen’s Park end of Victoria Road.