Growing a Greener Glasgow

Looking for sessional gardeners to join our team

We are looking for confident gardeners, who also have experience of working with people, to join our pool of paid sessional gardeners. We need people who can work between 3 and 8 hours of work per week, over the summer.

South Seeds runs weekly volunteer gardening sessions between April and October each year, in spaces across the Govanhil and Queen’s Park area, where it has built beautiful gardens with the support of the landowners. The gardens, which are open to residents, require simple landscape maintenance and there are raised beds for vegetables growing.

We are not necessarily looking for people with community gardening experience. We are looking for people who are confident that they can garden and successfully grow a range of vegetables as well as have some experience of working with people, perhaps in another area of their life. We would expect people who join our team to shadow our current community gardeners, to find out how South Seeds delivers volunteer sessions, before delivering a volunteer session themselves.

If you are interested complete the Express interest form and send it to by 26 April 2018.