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The Govanhill Sculpture Project

Posted on 17/6/2013
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Govanhill Sculpture Project

Local residents were given the opportunity to carve shapes from stone. Six residents with no previous stone-carving experience chipped away for a number of weeks to produce sculptures.

Funded by the Big Lottery, this project produced sculptures which are now dotted around Govanhill. Here’s what one of the participants felt about it:

“I would never have had the confidence to try something like this – I wouldn’t have known where to start – but Lucinda was generous in sharing her skills and knowledge (and goggles), I realise now just how much I learned in only a few weeks. After about eight weeks it all seemed to come together, and I remember suddenly having the thought: I made that!!

“I love that fact that the pieces we worked on are going to be displayed locally to enhance a public space on the Southside – I’m secretly proud about that! Just working on something that’s going to make a difference to how the neighbourhood looks, is a whole new experience for me. And working with other like-minded people and feeling welcomed as part of a team has inspired me to get more involved in the community.”

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