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Researcher required for February

Posted on 28/1/2020
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South Seeds opportunity to save energy at home is both popular and successful with vulnerable residents. However we would like to know more about residents’ experience of South Seeds’ intervention and the impact on their lives.

We are looking for an experienced researcher who will conduct at least 20 qualitative interviews with people who have been helped by South Seeds (our clients) who have received at least one intervention from us.  We would like to find out the impact the intervention(s) had on their lived experience of their energy issues. These clients may be vulnerable in some way and we are looking for a researcher who will treat them with care and respect.

All clients will have had an issue with their electricity or gas which South Seeds has helped them solve, so we would like to hire a researcher who has a basic understanding of energy in the home and also different tenures of housing because this can have an impact on the nature of the solution to the energy problem. South Seeds will assist with facilitating the interviews, including location and incentives for research participants.

This research is for a larger project supported by the Scottish Government’s Improving Consumer Outcomes Fund. We hope the interviews can be conducted over no more than a three/four day period. South Seeds will provide some questions and we would welcome a researcher who is able to contribute a few questions of their own.

The timescale for this project is ambitious as it leads in to another funding application. We are hoping that the research can be conducted and written up before the end of February. We need the researcher to draw some conclusions as to the impact of South Seeds’ service on the lived experience of clients. We have £3,500 to pay for this work (not including VAT).

If you are interested in being considered for this work please email Lucy Gillie, South Seeds manager on by 11am 7 February 2020.

No CVs are accepted, instead please send us by email a submission (up to 300 words) detailing research you have conducted which is similar in some way, plus your academic background and a list of links to relevant published research. Let us know your day rate and how many days it would take you to complete this work. Please do not send more than three pages of information.