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Solving energy problems in the heart of Govanhill

Posted on 14/2/2019
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South Seeds has been working with Govanhill Housing Association and Govanhill Community Development Trust to support residents to solve energy issues in the enhanced enforcement area in Govanhill (the streets between Calder Street, Cathcart Road, Dixon Avenue and Victoria Road) since April 2018, through a project funded by the Scottish Government’s Aspiring Communities Fund.

A steady stream of residents from these streets within the enhanced enforcement area have come to the office seeking help to resolve their energy problems. South Seeds employed two part time energy officers, dedicated to this project and between April 2018 and January 2019, they have had over 410 engagements with 158 households in the area.

During that time the energy officers delivered face to face advice, cleared energy debt, applied for Warm Home Discount payments, read meters, contacted energy providers and conducted home energy audits. In the first seven months of this project they have helped save £25, 257.23 for local residents on their energy accounts. This is made up of the following:
Financial grants (energy debt and hardship vouchers) – £1,440.82
Saving from switching energy supplier – £998.09
Warm Home Discount – £11,340 (81 households)
Complaints – £225 (average payment £30)
Energy supplier refunds – £11,223.32
Total = £25,257.23 (almost double our target!)

Our energy officers have also tackled safety issues. Together with Govanhill Housing Association, Govanhill Community Development Trust and Glasgow City Council, collaboratively all partners are working hard to ensure properties in the area are in a safe and habitable condition. Where necessary, this has involved reporting of homes that don’t meet the Tolerable Standard or Repairing Standard as defined by the Scottish Government. This can involve anything from a lack of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors to exposed wiring and faulty boilers. Through this partnership working we are helping to improve the look and feel of homes throughout the area.

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