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Twenty tools you may not know you can borrow

Posted on 31/1/2020
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Will 2020 be the year of borrowing? We hope so! If borrowing rather than buying is your new year’s resolution, then you need to know about the Southside Tool Library. There are now over 500 tools in the inventory (thanks to donations from local residents having a clear out) so there is almost certainly a tool you need ready and waiting to be put back into good use.

As well as the most commonly used tools – drills, sanders and saws – there is a growing list of tools in the inventory which you may not have realised are available to borrow for up to three weeks at a time from the Southside Tool Library. How many of these tools would help you in your DIY, gardening and craft pursuits without having to splash out on something new?

  1. Pressure washer
  2. Bike cargo trailer
  3. Manual lawn mower
  4. Portable work bench
  5. Air compressor
  6. Sawing guide rail
  7. Damp meter
  8. Stud finder
  9. Drain pipe un-blocker
  10. Engraver
  11. Furniture lifting tool
  12. Heavy duty riveter
  13. Jewellers screwdriver set
  14. Knife sharpener
  15. Large spirit level
  16. Loppers
  17. Ratchet strap
  18. Soldering iron
  19. Upholstery staple gun
  20. Wallpaper pasting table
Do you need to sharpen your kitchen knives?

It’s easy to start borrowing – sign up at, reserve tools by 5pm the day before you want to collect them and then pick them up from Southside Tool Library’s base at South Seeds (514 Victoria Road) on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-6pm. Bring some photo ID and a separate proof of name and address to complete your membership the first time you borrow tools and please consider making an annual donation to help support the tool library!