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National Planning Framework and Glasgow’s southside

Posted on 19/5/2022
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National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) explains the Scottish Government’s long term plan for what Scotland could be in 2045. It takes in to account the need to work towards Net Zero. NPF4 was put out for consultation and South Seeds took the opportunity to gather together people who have been working for Southside community led organisations who have been improving the area over a number of years and find out their views.

A response was to the consultation was submitted for the March 2022 deadline. The following key points were made in our consultation response:

  • Greater alignment with Scottish Government Funding Streams: Coupled with longer funding programme cycles would allow for longer-term strategic thinking on the ground by community-led organisations.
  • Regeneration programmes to support small businesses: The revitalisation of the high streets on Glasgow’s southside are thanks in part to its walkability and dense but liveable retail and residential units. The Clyde Mission regeneration should consider the need for the right kind of density in its planning.
  • Embedding preference for retrofit first: We need to lock in carbon, that means supporting the drive for a retrofit first approach across Scotland.
  • Mass Public Transport: Greater connectivity between the South and West End is needed to support Clyde Mission alleviate severance in the city. More support for Demand Responsive Transport Infrastructure should be given.
  • Community Wealth Building Policy: We welcome the inclusion of this policy, but feel a definition of this term should be included in the glossary and that the policy needs to reflect the broader goal of prioritising development which can support those objectives.
  • Urban Drainage: Tackling Glasgow’s flooding problems requires a holistic approach to urban drainage. Improving the Southsides backcourts could address greater problems.

A full copy of the report from the event where southside community-led organisations came together to discuss NPF4 is available below and as a pdf to download in this post.