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Energy saving handyman service

Posted on 14/9/2016

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South Seeds supports residents to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes, so they can save money and stay warm. Some residents like to have a go themselves, but for those who want more support or even someone to get on and do the job, just ask for South Seeds energy saving handyman service.

Our three experienced handymen can install energy saving measures such as draught proofing, chimney balloons to help keep the heat in, or pulleys to dry clothes quickly. In particular, our handymen have solutions which suit tenement flats or houses of Victorian proportions with wooden windows and open fireplaces.

To access the handyman service, we recommend an energy audit first. Our energy officer can work out where most energy is used in your home, examine your energy bills and identify any energy saving measures which will make your home warmer and more efficient. If you prefer, our energy officer will explain how you can install measures yourself and give you the relevant factsheets. However if you would just like the job done, try our handyman service.

Following the home energy audit, the client receives their audit report.  South Seeds operations officer Lisa, calls the client to discuss the energy saving measures highlighted. If the client is interested in the handyman service, Lisa can find out more and send out a quote.

South Seeds are always delighted when a client wants to have a go at installing these measures themselves and have developed a series of helpful guides to encourage people to have a go! Some of the measures that can be installed can be a wee bit fiddley, like glazing film for example. This clear plastic is fitted to single glazed windows temporarily to create a vacuum similar to double glazing. When fitted properly, it is hard to notice, but sometimes takes a few goes to get it right.

Local resident Liz Davies used our handyman service to install draught-proofing around her door and to draught-proof her windows. She told us

“It was easy to book the handyman on the phone with Lisa. When he came out to my house the handyman was friendly and told me exactly what he was going to do. The work has made my house feel warmer and more comfortable”.

Residents living in draughty tenements often feel that even if they turn the heating up they can’t eliminate the cold draught. Draught-proofing external doors and windows or fitting a chimney balloon can make a huge difference to the thermal comfort of a home. Additionally, fitting curtain rails which will take the weight of heavier or thermally lined curtains will also add to the cosiness of a home during the winter months. Being able to use the ceiling space to dry clothes reduces the need to turn the tumble dryer on or hang wet clothes on radiators. South Seeds can fit a pulley in homes where they may have been removed in the past or in a new location.

“Installing measures to save people energy and money is a very rewarding job. Every job is slightly different but the outcome is the same: more heat is kept in the home over winter.” Peter, one of South Seeds handymen.

When clients have received a quote and want to go ahead with the work, Lisa liaises with them to find the best time for the handyman to visit. Once completed, Lisa sends an invoice out and the client has 28 days to pay- simple!

For some clients, who struggle to pay bills, we have a small fund we can use to cover the cost of the handyman service. Our energy officer will explain how this works while he is in the client’s home.

If you would like to use the handyman service, find out about more about the range of energy efficiency measures they can install or book an energy audit, contact Lisa on 0141 636 3959 or email