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Supporting cycling in the Southside

Posted on 4/4/2017

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Work will start on the South City Way, a segregated cycle lane from Victoria Road to the centre of town this year. South Seeds is working with residents to assist them to find solutions to storing bikes out of the way in their homes.

South Seeds has produced a series of guides (see below) which aims to demystify the world of indoor bike storage solutions for residents living in tenement flats on the southside of Glasgow. Our Bike Storage Factsheet is the best place to start if you would like to know all the options available.

Storing your bike in your tenement close is not ideal: it risks theft and annoying your neighbours by cluttering up the stair. Storing your bike inside your flat can also be problematic, taking up valuable floor space and generally getting in the way.

But there are plenty of options for storing your bike neatly away inside your flat – a dazzling array in fact! These new guides aim to explain the different types of storage, their pros and cons and how to install three of the main types in your own flat. Read the how to guides below to work out which one would suit you…

How to guide – Bike Pulley

How to guide – horizontal wall mount rack

How to guide – steadyrack