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Using a checklist to reduce your energy bills

Posted on 4/9/2013
in Opportunities

As part of South Seeds home energy audit, we give residents a checklist of actions unique to their situation which would result in a reduction in their bills. The checklist can be hung on the fridge with one of our free fridge magnets and actions crossed off as completed.

All the information required to complete each action is given in a report along with the checklist.


Amanda and Yasmin with checklist

Yasmin Mann received her energy audit at the beginning of the summer and has been working through her checklist methodically.

“The checklist with the report gave a clear idea of how to accomplish each task. It helped me focus on where I was unnecessarily using energy. Without this help, it might have taken me a few years to become energy efficient.”

Yasmin now has a new boiler, draught proofing around windows and doors, a letter box cover, her first LED light bulb and a better informed approach to using energy in the home.

If you would like a free energy audit which will result in your very own checklist get in touch with us at South Seeds either call on 0141 636 3959 or email