Growing a Greener Glasgow


What is polycarbonate secondary glazing?

Cheap, effective secondary glazing which you can fit yourself that will keep the heat in.

Are you eligible for the Warm Home Discount?

£140 credit from your electricity supplier – simply call them to check. If you are passing, pop into the office and we can check for you.

Plugging the gaps

As it gets colder, it’s time to start plugging the gaps to reduce the draughts in your home and keep the heat in.

Useful numbers for Southside residents

We are posting this again because if this wasn’t useful before, it may be useful now.

South Seeds discussed at international conference

The conference looked at maps and how they are created by communities. South Seeds’ Energy Snapshot report was an example of what could be done and the session looked at building on the data collected and how best to archive the community maps.

Time to draw the curtains

Find out more about thermal curtains. How do you make thermal curtains and what’s the benefit?

Al-Mahdi Foundation recruiting

Click for details on the posts they are recruiting for.

The legacy of Agnew Lane

In the year since Agnew Lane was bulldozed, we have built a new community garden a block away.