Growing a Greener Glasgow


Top tips for saving electricty and money

Residents who saved money when they used one of our electricity monitors, have shared their top tips.

Energy-saving kit

Can you spot the chimney balloon, LED light bulb, energy monitor, draught proofing strips, door brushes and letterbox cover?

Merry Christmas from South Seeds

We will be back in business on 6th of January. Get in contact then to book your free home energy audit.

Affordable secondary glazing

In Govanhill, Crosshill, Queen’s Park and Strathbungo many residents have huge windows which let the heat escape. Double glazing film is the cheapest and quickest solution for keeping the heat in. Have a look at South Seeds’ Glazing Film ‘How to’ Guide.

Soft fruit in Crosshill

Today some volunteers from Agnew Lane planted gooseberry and red current bushes in planters at Crosshill Railway station.

Media coverage of bulldozed Agnew Lane

Articles in the Daily Record, The Glasgow Evening Times and the Guardian.

Agnew Lane

On behalf of South Seeds, we are very sorry to announce that our community garden site at Agnew Lane has been demolished. This is a real blow to everyone who has been involved with the project over the years. Agnew Lane Community Garden was one of the very first projects undertaken by South Seeds, back […]

Chimney balloons and Victorian tenements

Victorian tenements are full of fireplaces connected to chimneys; in the living room, in bedrooms and sometimes even in the kitchen. As the weather gets colder, the warm air generated by central heating is sucked out of the chimney flue. A chimney balloon would stop warm air escaping up the chimney and stop cold draughts […]