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Plugging the gaps

Posted on 8/12/2014
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As it gets colder, it’s time to start plugging the gaps to reduce the draughts in your home and keep the heat in. You might find draughts around windows and doors, in between floorboards, above and below skirting boards and through wholes where pipes go through doors.

The Energy Saving Trust has made a short film about how to plug the gaps. Some draughts through gaps where two surfaces touch, such as between doors and windows, can be reduced with purpose made draught proofing strips which can be squeezed to a flat surface. Larger gaps need will need different solutions depending on the size of the gap, access and if your preference is to have the gap plugged all year around. We sometimes recommend Draughtex which comes in different sizes (from 1mm to 11mm). Although it looks good, it can be pricy if you need to fill the gaps between the floor boards of a whole room. There is nothing to stop you using newspapers, kitchen cloths from the supermarket, cut up clothes or anything you may have to hand at home. Simply stuff the gap. It is up to you if you choose to glue the material in place or simply stuff it in and replace it, if it becomes loose. Send us photos of your home draught proofing to