Growing a Greener Glasgow

News and Events

At South Seeds we have a lot going on – from exciting events to engage the community, new developments within our organisation and good old fashioned hard work to get the gardens growing well. Keep up to date by visiting this page for our latest news, events and opportunities.

New grant and loan help to become more energy efficient

There is a grant available to those properties in council tax band A, B and C to become more energy efficient, and an interest free loan available to all properties to become more energy efficient.

South Seeds is all about sharing

A Radio Scotland programme highlighted South Seeds approach to bringing benefit to the community through sharing.

Dealing with fuel debt

Many people are dealing with fuel debt at this time of year. We have produced a factsheet which outlines a number of practical steps which can be taken to reduce the burden of fuel debt.

Building a community garden with kids

The ECO committee from Annette Street Primary School are helping us build another community garden behind Allison Street.

Housing association staff start composting

South Seeds have installed a composting bin at the offices of Southside Housing Association and the staff are looking forward to getting started.

Govanhill Gazette available to download

Residents, community groups and elected members comment on the Govanhill Gazette, a one off newspaper with a focus on rubbish collection and fly-tipping in a particular area in Govanhill.

Calls for unity in Govanill over ‘rubbish rage’

After building a community garden, down a lane behind tenements in Govanhill and experiencing the mess, we decided to investigate. Our eight page newspaper, the Govanhill Gazette, documents residents’ experience of rubbish collections and fly-tipping around that block and highlights the agencies you can go to for support. The paper is available at our office or other community orientated outlets in Govanhill.

Help clear up the croft and find out more about it

Everyone welcome to the volunteer session on Friday 13th March starting at 11am. For two hours, we will be clearing the ground and tidying up the site. Tea, coffee and biscuits available too.