Growing a Greener Glasgow


South Seeds is involved in a wide variety of different activities all centred around the goals of tackling climate change, promoting energy efficiency and making the local Southside community and beyond a better place.

Supporting cycling in the Southside

Work will start on the South City Way, a segregated cycle lane from Victoria Road to the centre of town this year. South Seeds is working with residents to assist them to find solutions to storing bikes out of the way in their homes.

Energy saving handyman service

South Seeds supports residents to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes, so they can save money and stay warm. Some residents like to have a go themselves, but for those who want more support or even someone to get on and do the job, just ask for South Seeds energy saving handyman service.

The Croft

South Seeds has developed a community garden called the Croft on the disused tennis court of the Queen’s Park Bowling and Tennis Club at Queen’s Park recreation ground.

Energy-efficiency measures for the Southside of Glasgow

At South Seeds we have tried and tested a number of measures and installs which will help you save energy in properties on the Southside of Glasgow.

Climate Challenge Fund

  The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) is money from the Scottish Government administered by Keep Scotland Beautiful to support community-led groups reduce local carbon emissions. The South Seeds board of Trustees first secured funding from the Climate Challenge Fund for a year’s project in May 2011.

Our Energy Snapshot Report

Our Energy Snapshot report is our review of the area, providing for the first time a detailed analysis of what measures and actions, on a street-by-street basis, are best suited to helping people manage their energy use. This research is backed up by thermal images of properties throughout the local areas, which will help us to identify the main sources of heat loss in different types of local building. We’ve also looked at tenure and building condition as well as mapped out areas where we can work with people to improve local greenspaces and support local food growing. Read here Energy Snapshot Report

The Govanhill Sculpture Project

Local residents were given the opportunity to carve shapes from stone. Six residents with no previous stone-carving experience chipped away for a number of weeks to produce sculptures.